Plaster of Paris Productions

Music Video

John Maus - Over Phantom

We created a music video to promote the new album Screen Memories, by Jon Maus. The video consisted of hundreds of photos from a live show and also additional found footage.


A DSLM in burst mode was used instead of a video to animate the still photos. The rate of capture was roughly 6 frames per second which resulted in a choppy flow. This complemented the dated footage and synthetic beat.

Cousin Stizz - Say Dat

Our lighting services assisted the production of “Say Dat,” by Cousin Stizz. We had a lot of fun filming and we’re also very happy with the final cut.

Alan Scardapane - take it with you

We spent the day driving around the North Shore in Alan’s new 1991, 240 Volvo station wagon. Compiling the clips later, we created the video for ‘deep in dust’.