Plaster of Paris Productions

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Natalia's Yoga Practice

Shortly after becoming YRT certified, Natalia wanted visual media for her social media accounts. We decided that a 1 minute video would concisely define her new business as well as hold her viewers’ attention. After reviewing the space, an area for the interview was determined and the scenes for the b-roll were put forth. Two Kino Flo 4′ banks were used for the key light, and negative fill was used to add contrast. A shotgun microphone captured our interview and was later spliced in with the b-roll.

Julie's Guiding & Healing

Julie wanted a short (<1minute) promotional video that she could use to promote her work through her social media pages. An Aputure 600d with 3′ softbox was used for the key light, a Godox S60 worked as the fill, and a 60W COB LED (gelled with a CTO) illuminated the alter. Julie was fitted with a lavalier mic to capture her audio which was later spliced with the background music.