Plaster of Paris Productions


Funspot: A Small Documentary on the World's Largest Video Game Arcade

This is the first project we worked on that established Plaster of Paris Productions. With Pre-production starting in 2011, the final cut was uploaded to YouTube in 2016 with a new, branded channel.

In 1952, Bob Lawton and a few friends took a trip to visit an indoor minigolf course in Barre, Vermont. It was that night that Bob dreamed of bringing his experience to his Summer spot of Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. After receiving a loan from his grandmother and making a deal with Tarlson’s Arcade, Bob expanded his minigolf business to include video games, bowling, and even a small restaurant. In 2008, Guiness World Records officially named Funspot the “Largest Arcade in the World”.

Little Monsters

This is the teaser to our current project we are working on.