Video solutions & services.
Based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Our team is following all the rules and regulations needed when it comes to handling COVID-19 safety measures.

Plaster of Paris Productions

is a video production company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 2016, we have produced a number of advertisements, training videos, documentaries, and music videos.

Our goal is to solve our clients problems on time and on budget. We have been able to accomplish this goal by working with the most talented cinematographers, drone operators, sound mixers, and editors throughout the production process.

Plaster of Paris Productions & our team will bring your vision to reality the best way possible, through video.

Areas of Expertise

We have produced dozens of videos in many categories, but the most popular content in demand by our clients has been:

  • Business Advertising
  • Documentary
  • Workplace Training
  • Music Video

Not one video is alike, but every production has been just as fun as the last! Whether your team needs onsite training ported to their cellphone, or you want to treat your followers to a new music video, we have you covered.

We create social media advertising with delivery options for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With the top 5 social media platforms covered, you can promise your target audience will be reached.

Converting the typical practice of onsite training into video form will save your company time and money. A video tutorial or tutorial series can give new employees the training they need, as well as keep current staff up-to-date.

We tell the story of your business, product or company in a unique, personal way that is highly relatable to your audience.


We also work with local artists to promote upcoming songs, new album releases, and also collaborations between artists.

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